The purposed cause and intent of this Page within this Site is multi-dimensional in potential.

Primarily though, it is to bring to account the conduct of the police and the officers of the court via local social media to the constituents of that County by the Citizens who bear the grief thereof, thereby enabling a Voice; and the creation of a social media based “Grand Jury of Peers” which shall hear the cases of the People who challenge the conduct of the Courts.

It is also designed with a listing of current County Common Pleas judges, DA and ADAs, as well as District Magistrates. Upon each of these, We the People who pay their wages through Our Taxes, respectfully request that you who have dealt with them rate their skill, understanding, and Constitutional fortitude as per your experience with them.

If you or someone you know is dealing with the courts, or is embroiled in a legal issue of Constitutional jurisdiction, and you too have found the courts adversarial to common sense and common law, We would love to hear from You. Contact Us