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By Matthew P. Dec



                                                   Chapter One

                                                American Heroes

 Every child needs a hero and someone to look up to, and as has been established via multiple individuals who study the human psyche, the individual unto who they look for guidance will more often than not become the subject of emulation. The Nazis took full advantage of this human trait realizing that he who placed thoughts within the minds of youth created the mindset of the youth, and thereby altered the course of society.

 “He alone, who owns the youth, controls the future.” Adolf Hitler

 When I was a child, my hero was my cousin Paul Stasko Jr. (though I never met him as he was killed in ‘68 and I was born in ‘69) who was killed in Vietnam during the Battle of Hue which was the single bloodiest battle of the Vietnam War. It was a vicious urban battle that was performed via house to house killing that pitted an approximate 3,000 marines against 10,000 entrenched North Vietnamese.

December 3, 1947 to February 21. 1968

 My dear Aunt Kay that was my Grandmother’s sister, was never told the circumstances of her son’s  death except that he was killed in action. One day, approximately 30 years later, a letter came in the mailbox. It was from Paulie’s (as she always called him “Paulie” when she spoke of him) marine buddy who was with him when he was killed. He stated in the letter that he went to the “Wall Memorial” and saw his name there, and was inspired to write her and to tell her what happened that day. He wrote that that day they were in a particularly fierce fight against a large contingent of enemy forces, and that they were a machine gun crew who were positioned in an upstairs room of a hotel firing at them. At some point they were targeted with RPGs (rocket propelled grenades,) and retreated from that position to resituate themselves with a clear line of fire. As they left that position they went out a backdoor and through a small courtyard when Paulie stepped on a landmine. He stated that because the fighting was fierce he had to continue, and the last he saw of him a corpsman was holding him crying. The damage done was extremely severe as his casket was half closed covering the bottom half of his body.

 When I was a child I would always question my Aunty Kay about Paulie. I was always looking at the pictures in his boot camp graduation book and reading the Marine Manual. I can still remember reading the section on bayonets saying, “Be vicious and utterly ruthless in your attack…,” and I collected marine and other military memorabilia. 

 One of my favorite posters was…

 I read voraciously anything I could find about marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen, and WAR. If it was a war movie that was on I watching it! From the “Sands of Iwo Jima” to “The Longest Day” to “Apocalypse Now.” My mind as a child was filled with war and a desire to “kill the commies.” 

No photo description available.

 But I had other childhood heroes too besides Paulie, and John Wayne, and Audie Murphy (the most decorated American soldier in History.) I also became enchanted with western gunfighters as portrayed by Clint Eastwood in particular. The first movie I ever saw of him was “A Fistful of Dollars” in which he helped a poor family being mistreated.

 From the opening scene a hero was born in my heart:

 I had such a great respect for him when “Marisol,” the wife who was taken from her husband by a sadistic bandit, asked him, “Why do you do this for us?”… and he replied… “Because I knew someone like you once, and there was no-one there to help…”

 At the conclusion of the movie he returned to save his friend whom they beat and hung by his hands to kill them all. 

  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, my generation was a generation raised upon watching and desiring to be like the men we idolized performing courageous exploits. And with the exception of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood was to the western as Charlton Heston was to the NRA!

What was it that made Clint Eastwood’s characters so admirable and his films so well liked? I am convinced that it wasn’t the fast draw, it definitely wasn’t religious piety, but it was the manifest courage to oppose evil! And it was the portrayed courage of men who were willing to fight and die for a purposed cause! It was the manifest portrayal of what every young boy desires to experience; Adventure, God, Guns, and Glory!

 No young man as a child under proper tutelage ever said, “When I grow up, I wanna suck a strange man’s penis, and have a sex change with vaginal lips sown on my butt hole!” Nowhere on earth is this a normal thing for children who aren’t inbred. Period! Not even in Iran! It was a despicable day that occurred upon the former President of Iran mocking We the People for producing mass reprobate homosexuality from the inbred loins of our Nation!

  Yet here in America, we see this “phenomena” occurring (according unto liberal media operating under governmental directives) on a daily basis coast to coast! Where are these children having such “seeds” sown in their minds? Straight from the federally funded Department of Education in the classes and daycares of children! And the kids, like unto Hitler’s youth programs, are responding to QUEERS!

 It was listed in the “Introduction” what John Hancock in 1774 described as the conditions that invoked rebellion with the People, and evoked what erupted into the American Revolution, saying;

 “…Hence, all the arts which idleness and luxury could invent were used to betray our youth of one sex into extravagance and effeminacy, and of the other to infamy and ruin; and did they not succeed but too well? Did not a reverence for religion sensibly decay? Did not our infants almost learn to lisp out curses before they knew their horrid import?”

 We are there People! We are there…

 Before ending this chapter on “American Heroes,” for those of us who believe in the God of Abraham (be we Christian, Muslim, or Jew,) it is obvious unto us that that which is occurring is SATANIC! Which leaves us with the choice of one of two responses:

1- We fight it as did our Forefathers; 

2- We press our noses against the windows and lick the panes as did the “yankers.”

 With each choice comes a Day of Judgment upon the Resurrection:

1- https://youtu.be/D3TEMoyptBY?si=8GPaM3Dnh3kXgjJL

2- https://youtu.be/WKYI9W6nvYw?si=OjtFSPX8HlPPVld7

 Enough said about heroes and the end result of their emulation.


                                                                                                                         Chapter Two: The Militia  I would like to begin this chapter with a dedication to all who served,

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