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This Site is designed within mind to bring two matters of social importance into both perspective as well as remediation within your County:

  1. To address the various social concerns that We face as a Nation together, and break the current “curses” We see via the manifestation of the fruit of their existence in our neighborhoods and cities.
  2. To bring the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches of our Government back under our control as intended by our Founding Fathers.

It is here upon the County level that the “Front Line” of battle transpires for political power and the CHANGE it can bring when back into Our Hands. And for the Cause of creating a political “beachhead” across the States and Nation, a like County Site such as is this one has been created for EACH COUNTY across our Nation.

Below are Links which when used together act as a unified instrument having teeth with which both Constitutional issues as well various local social evils may be addressed and rectified by the Common Citizen’s wisdom and courage.

Through this Site we also offer ANYONE who is eligible the ability to run for ANY office regardless of financial status; as well as the opportunity to be the only Christian church (or Preacher) to represent the Assemblies of A Standard Raised (or, ASR), within their County.

The Felons Union with which both Felons shall prevail in the Salvation of their God Given Rights and We the PCP USA shall alter the powers that be through their strength; and the enablement of each Person aggrieved with the system to make their Voice heard.

In God We Trust

On this page we will provide the residents of the County with the opportunity to run for the November elections as a PCP Candidate.

Each PCP Candidate will automatically be required by their Oath unto the People to sponsor the proceeding immediate overhaul of multiple issues of current legislation, and Vow to fulfill their obligations to the People of this State…

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What occurs within your County courts.

Court Watch has been created to create a local foundation of interactive social media based support for persons aggrieved with police and/or courts; thereby bringing accountability upon both police and courts, and to the common Citizen an opportunity to be heard by their social peers.

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The Assemblies of a Standard Raised (ASR)

The Assemblies of a Standard Raised (or, the ASR), is a new born Christian Denomination whose unique nature of Scriptural foundation and reformation of thought process enable it to both survive, as well as propagate via its spiritual vitality, and create a Church (Body of Christ) Unity which is spiritually aggressive in both civil and social issues, as well as providing a uniform identity.

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The Felons Union

Though being Nation wide in scale, has been micro-scaled into each County for better management of the resources provided. By scaling it down to each County level 2 objectives are acquired;

  1. A voice and face is given to each individual felon.
  2. To regain our Second Amendment Right this year (in Pa.) through legislation, We need every Felon’s vote for our PCP Candidates running for House of Representatives as well as the Senate.

Indeed, unionized into a political force We shall take over the entire playing field.

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