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Welcome to the “Flag Ship” County site of the PCP USA, and an extensive look at the opportunities the premiering of this Site creates for millions of Americans across Our Nation.

To best enable each Citizen of each County of the United States of America to understand the engineered operation and intended objectives in the most clear, unified, and concise form; this Introduction shall so serve as such thereto any PCP USA County site as doth the Preamble to the Bill of Rights.

It is necessary that this writ become an Official text for each County lest one must be writ for each of 3,147 counties, and to ensure that political uniformity on “Key Issues” is defined.

With that pronouncement in mind, let us now establish our tenets, our objectives, and our strategy to achieve our goal. Though different states and different counties obviously have different priority issues, certain “Key Issues” which are Constitutional Rights which are FOREVER INVIOLATE are non-negotiable.

It is recommended that this “Introduction” and its links be completely read in order to fully comprehend what the PCP USA is doing through the Butler, Pa. “Chapter” , and is offering to Christian and/or Patriot person (or persons) throughout the United States that want to actually be a part of true change in politics and social issues that are as varied and many as are they dispersed, (but seem to haunt certain political regions more than others.)