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By Matthew P. Dec

the Assemblies of a Standard Raised of Butler, Pennsylvania

Introducing the ASR Church Group

Welcome to the ASR (A Standard Raised), a new denomination dedicated to upholding Biblical doctrine. Our mission is to provide a church community for those seeking a congregation that adheres to a traditional, Bible-based view on sin, including the belief that sodomy is a sin. The name “A Standard Raised” is taken from the book of Isaiah: “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift a Standard against him.”

Our Structure

Each county in Pennsylvania will have its own ASR page dedicated to one ASR church group within that county. This structure allows each local congregation to have a unique presence while being part of the larger ASR denomination.

How It Works

  1. Main ASR Page: This page serves as the introduction to our denomination, outlining our core beliefs and mission.
  2. County-Specific ASR Pages: Each of Pennsylvania’s 3,147 counties will have an individual ASR page dedicated to its local ASR church group. These pages will provide information specific to each local congregation.

Why ASR?

Many believers are leaving denominations, such as the United Methodists, due to doctrinal shifts like the acceptance of practices they believe contradict Biblical teachings. The ASR stands firm in its commitment to Scripture, offering a home to those seeking a church that aligns with traditional Biblical values.

Join Us

If you’re looking for a church that upholds Biblical teachings and provides a community of like-minded believers, explore our ASR pages and find a local congregation near you.

Stay Connected

Facebook Streaming Coming Soon: Stay tuned for our upcoming Facebook streaming services! In the meantime, visit our page for more details and updates.


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