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By Matthew P. Dec



Chapter Two: The Militia

 I would like to begin this chapter with a dedication to all who served, they that yet serve in all capacities as shall be explained, and those who will consciously take this Oath of Enlistment into the Militia of the United States of America;

“I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and

defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies,

foreign and domestic.” (The rest of the Oath at this point in History

is void.)

 There has been much controversy and deliberate falsifications being promoted by the term “Militia,” and what the Militia was, is, and,forever shall be.

The definition of “Militia” is as proceeds;                                                                                    “A military force that consists of the civilian population.”

The United States Supreme Court operating under several Trump picked Justices, combined with the already existing Constitutionally inclined Justices (thank God for the death and removal of previous) issued an edict as pertaining Constitutional Rights. In Bruen, a Second Amendment Rights case, the Court stated that all Constitutional Rights must be evaluated from the mindsets of the Framers of the Constitution and what was the motivation behind the “Declaratory and Restrictive Clauses” of the Bill of Rights.

 We, however, are sticking to the subject matter of this chapter which is the Militia, and the term “militia” is found but one time in the Bill of Rights; and that is in its implications of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the Security of a Free State, the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” (Second Amendment)

 To understand this verse it is necessary to understand the History of the Militia; and to understand that you will have to understand their composition of creation and what they did. As manifest within the speech by John Hancock in 1774, the People already viewed their current form of government to be likened unto being under the auspices of the despotic rule of reprobate pigs; and a fight was coming, it was only a matter of “when.”

 In 1775 that day came.

 Because the British were taxing the People heavily to support their own causes in other regions and they raised their taxes even higher, the People grew angry, and had that which was termed the “Boston Tea Party” which occurred in 1773. The British in retaliation passed several “Acts” that impoverished the Citizens; but rather than “breaking them,” it provoked them even more and ideologies of rebellion began growing.

 “By April 1775, Gage was facing the threat of outright rebellion. He hoped to prevent violence by ordering the seizure of weapons and powder being stored in Concord, Massachusetts, twenty miles northwest of Boston. But he underestimated the courage and determination of the colonists. Patriot spies got wind of Gage’s plan. On the evening of April 18, Paul Revere and other riders raised the alarm that British regulars were on their way to Concord. Minute Men and Militias rushed to confront them early on April 19. Though it is uncertain who actually fired the first shot that day, it reverberated throughout History. Eight years of war followed, and those who stood their ground against Gage’s troops eventually earned independence from Britain, and became Citizens of the Republic of the United States of America.

“Before the battle: British Lt. Col. Francis Smith assembled 700 regulars under his command to capture and destroy “military stores” presumably hidden by the Massachusetts militia at Concord.  When the King’s troops depart Boston for Concord on the evening of April 18, anti-British intelligence quickly informs patriot leader Dr. Joseph Warren about their intentions. Warren sends for riders Paul Revere and William Dawes to spread the alarm. Revere takes the short water route from Boston across the harbor to Charlestown, while Dawes rides out across Boston Neck. Revere and Dawes depart Boston around 10:00 p.m.

“At the same time, two lanterns briefly flicker from the Old North Church steeple, a prearranged signal designed by Revere to alert the patriot network that the British will row across Boston harbor instead of marching out over the Neck.

 “On reaching the Charlestown shore, Revere mounts and begins his ride to Lexington. As he passes through the towns of Somerville, Medford, and Menotomy (now Arlington), other riders set out, guns fire, and church bells ring—all warning the countryside of the coming threat. Minute Men grab their weapons and head for town greens, followed by the rest of the Militia. By the time the British cross the water, word of their imminent arrival has already reached Concord.

“April 19. British troops march into the small town of Lexington at about 5:00 a.m. to find themselves faced by a militia company of more than 70 men led by Capt. John Parker. When the vanguard of the British force rushes toward them across the town green, Parker immediately orders his company to disperse. At some point a shot rings out—historians still debate who fired it—and the nervous British soldiers’ fire a volley, killing seven and mortally wounding one of the retreating militiamen. The British column moves on toward Concord, leaving the dead, wounded, and dying in their wake.

 (When the British had openly killed the Americans the war was on, and every able bodied American joined their ranks and fought for Our Freedom.)

 “Arriving in Concord at approximately 8:00 a.m., British commanders Francis Smith and John Pitcairn order several companies, about 220 troops in all, to secure the North Bridge across the Concord River and then continue on another mile to the Barrett Farm, where a cache of arms and powder is presumably located. A growing assembly of close to 400 militia from Concord and the surrounding towns gather on the high ground, where they see smoke rising from Concord. Mistakenly assuming the Redcoats are torching the town, the militia companies advance. The Acton Company, commanded by 30-year-old Capt. Isaac Davis, is at the head of the column. When asked if his men are prepared to confront the British troops, Davis says, “I haven’t a man afraid to go.”

 (It must be noted that by the fact there wasn’t fear amongst them, this was something they both anticipated and expected; one might even say that they were looking forward to it, and the time had arrived. The British government showed its true colors in the color of the blood it spilt of the People. The majority of them all had already established within their minds that they were corrupt, and the British soldiers were their brutal police force. You must remember the British were arresting, brutalizing, and abusing them, their family, and their friends for years. Many of them had been mistreated at the hands of their courts and were even wanted. They knew they had been wronged, and they even tried to be respectfully submissive. But this time, the government they despised and distrusted had gone too far in the manifest 

willingness to kill them in order to disarm them, and it was time for a showdown.)

 “As the Minute Men march down the hill, the British soldiers, intimidated by their numbers and orderly advance, retreat to the opposite shore and prepare to defend themselves. When Davis’s company comes within range, the Redcoats open fire, killing Davis and also Abner Hosmer, another Acton Minute Man. Major Buttrick of Concord shouts, “For God’s sake, fire!” and the Minute Men respond, killing three British soldiers and wounding nine others. This volley is considered “the shot heard round the world” and sends the British troops retreating back to town.

(I have often pondered what it would take to incite a Second Revolution. I believe that if the government ever openly attempts to disarm the People by forced confiscation, and a standoff occurs between the People and the police, and the police slaughter the People because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris told them to; all Hell will break loose soon thereafter.

 I also believe that if We the People do not forge a manner whereby which We begin the manifest eradication of political corruption in a creative peaceful and civil manner, at some point Our History is going to repeat)

 “Smith and Pitcairn order a return to Boston, which devolves into a rout as the British are attacked from all sides by swarms of angry Militia Men along what is now known as Battle Road. When they reach Lexington, Parker’s men take their revenge for the violence suffered that morning, firing on the British regulars from behind cover. For the next 12 miles, the British are continually ambushed by Minute Men shooting from behind trees, rock walls, and buildings.  British reinforcements reach Smith and Pitcairn’s men on the eastern outskirts of Lexington, but the Minute Men pursue them as they retreat back to Boston.

 “The British conduct a running fight until they can reach the cover of British guns on ships anchored in the waterways surrounding Boston. The Patriots chase them but, having no clear orders, ultimately let them escape.

“In the wake of Lexington and Concord, Governor Gage finds Boston faced by a huge militia of men who have arrived from throughout New England to fight for liberty. Numbering 20,000, this resolute force will become part of the Continental Army.” 


 And so we see that the Militia is You and Me! We are the Militia that is to be well “regulated” (or, armed) and ready to take on the government if so required. The Federal government considers and teaches that the Militia is a terrorist threat to them.

 It is for this cause that they are filling the country with drugs and giving youth felony convictions. It is for this cause that a man and woman will lose their Right under the “Domestic Violence Act” if they smack or push each other. It is for this cause if someone gets 3 DUIs they lose their Right. As accurately opined by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in both “Range” and “Quaile”, this is un-Constitutional. 


 Has the militia ever mustered (or, assembled) again in recent History against government corruption? Yes, at the Battle of Athens shortly after WWII:

 In August of 1946, the Citizens of Athens, Tennessee engaged in street fighting with the local police forces. The region was controlled by corruption that included arresting people for profit, and corrupt election practices that culminated in the returning war veterans turning on them and prevailing against them.


 The Militia assembled again in Nevada in 2014 to support Clive Bundy and his ranch the government tried to take over to give to the Chinese to build a solar electrical plant on. Yes, you will read other accounts of the cause such as “to protect an endangered turtle,” but Harry Reid who got beat up for failing to take it would say otherwise were he to speak the Truth.


 Militia men from across the Nation zeroed in on Nevada having become disgusted with the Obama Administration, and were intent on insuring another slaughter of American women and children did not occur as did in Waco,Texas.

 The massacre of American men, women, and children (many of who were burned alive) received their warrant for a search by Feds jumping out of cattle trucks throwing stun grenades and shooting at them. Those people were not served, they were attacked! And there are many accounts that state this in contrast to what the media described.


 Also fresh in the minds of the Militia was the murder of two youngsters and their dog, as well as Mrs. Weaver who was shot by an FBI sniper holding her infant in a window at Ruby Ridge in Idaho; because an informant said he had a “sawed off shotgun” with him in a cabin way up in the mountains. That was it. On suspicion of having a sawed off shotgun that woman and her children were killed.


 The Militia, sick of CIA narcotics trafficking, sick of the prison industry, sick of politicians giving our taxes away to foreign governments they were “in bed with,” decided no more American blood was going to be shed by “Nazi boots” on the ground.

 By the time they reached the ranch, the Feds were flying in helicopters shooting Bundy’s cows for sport and were in process of commandeering his property.

The Feds and local police thought they were going to have a good time with the Bundy family now totally surrounded. But the Militia showed up composed primarily of former US Marines and surrounded them!

 Armed Citizens from around the region came in support of their neighbor, and were represented by a varied group of individuals ranging from prior service to hunters to grandmas! They came from all directions of all ages and backgrounds willing to “slap leather” if it so need have been.

 The Feds held their ground for a short period of time with the Militia watching and waiting for them to open fire on the civilians as they did previously. But news began to spread to other organized Militia, and an interstate emergence of Militia began to head in their direction. Upon hearing the news that their FBI spies had intercepted via airwave traffic of up to 5,000 militia heading their way, they quickly decided to let the cowboys riding into them take the remaining cattle, and retreated back to their lair to plot revenge.

 Shortly thereafter, the Feds shot and killed Robert “Lavoy” Finicum when sadly, he did not have his American brethren there to help.

To cover their corruption, and lick their own “worshipful masters’” pooped up backends clean, the Feds decided in 2018 to drop all charges against Defendants “in the interest of justice.”


Yes, my fellow Americans, We are the Militia! And We must NEVER let the local, state, or federal mercenaries of government despots disarm nor outgun Us.  Always remember… 

“Political power comes from the barrel of a gun.”  (Mao Zedong)

 And if they ever try Us, let Freedom ring to…


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