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Reformation of the Nation

By Matthew P. Dec


 The Founders of the United States of America were quite profound thinkers whose intellects enabled them to successfully create a new nation under the unique auspices of a “Government created by the People FOR the People.” Previously, all forms of government throughout the known civilized world that had already been instituted ruled OVER the People instead of the People ruling over it. This was an endeavor that shook the monarchies and oligarchies throughout the nations, for it made manifest unto the peoples of the earth that there was a form of governance that raised the Citizen unto the status of a Sovereign; and lowered the ruling class of the political elite unto elected SERVANTS thereto.

 Our Founders were not novices unto the political schemes of tyrants, nor were they so nearsighted as to neglect to create for future generations a political posture upon which to repose. Indeed, from the very offset of the rebellion against Great Britain, they had established before the world, and for future generations of Americans, a Light to manifest what political despotism is composed of as well as a universal manner of rectification thereof.

 To accurately depict exactly what our Forefathers rebelled against, and what they created to establish as a safety against the likelihood of a future attempt to overthrow the People by despotically minded liars and thieves; we will examine their works and words that will enable a creative formulation that will initiate a Reformation of the Nation.

 It has been stated many times that “History repeats itself.” In the author’s opinion this is true. Even the Bible, which the author personally considers to be the inspired Word of God, has rung the bell of this Truth many times throughout its passages. Throughout the Book of Judges it was recorded that one generation fought for their freedom, and in proceeding generations it was forgotten what was done and the people were returned to servitude.

 Because this writing is not geared towards spiritual principals but rather political, we are not going to infiltrate beyond the veils of the flesh and material world wherein which dwell the principalities that manifest their influences from the ethereal into the material (via the “conductor” of the minds of men), but rather the effluence thereof as dictated by History and modern examples thereof which pervade American society today.

 As of this moment, it is the author’s opinion that the United States of America is at “crossroads” that will determine the fate of this nation. Will the People of this nation once again rise up to the challenge as did our Forefathers? Or will they fall prey to the very same deceitful decadency that they rejected, rose up against, and vanquished? To grasp the question so as to fully comprehend what is being asked, one must first understand just what they opposed. 

 This proceeding speech is what provoked the hearts and minds of the men and women of America, and transformed them from an ordinary Citizen into Militia Men; (a “well regulated militia” is a well armed Citizenry capable of crushing their elected servants should they ever attempt to usurp authority.)

“…Our streets nightly resounded with the noise of riot and debauchery; our peaceful citizens were hourly exposed to shameful insults, and often felt the effects of their violence and outrage. But this was not all: as though they thought it not enough to violate our civil rights, they endeavored to deprive us of the enjoyment of our religious privileges, to vitiate our morals, and thereby render us deserving of destruction. Hence, the rude din of arms which broke in upon your solemn devotions in your temples, on that day hallowed by Heaven, and set apart by God himself for his peculiar worship. Hence, impious oaths and blasphemies so often tortured your unaccustomed ear. Hence, all the arts which idleness and luxury could invent were used to betray our youth of one sex into extravagance and effeminacy, and of the other to infamy and ruin; and did they not succeed but too well? Did not a reverence for religion sensibly decay? Did not our infants almost learn to lisp out curses before they knew their horrid import? Did not our youth forget they were Americans, and, regardless of the admonitions of the wise and aged, servilely copy from their tyrants those vices which finally must overthrow the empire of Great Britain? And must I be compelled to acknowledge that even the noblest, fairest, part of all the lower creation did not entirely escape their cursed snares? When virtue has once erected her throne within the female breast, it is upon so solid a basis that nothing is able to expel the heavenly inhabitant. But have there not been some few, indeed, I hope, whose youth and inexperience have rendered them a prey to wretches, whom, upon the least reflection, they would have despised and hated as foes to God and their country? I fear there have been some such unhappy instances, or why have I seen an honest father clothed with shame; or why a virtuous mother drowned in tears?

“But I forbear, and come reluctantly to the transactions of that dismal night, when in such quick succession we felt the extremes of grief, astonishment, and rage; when Heaven in anger, for a dreadful moment, suffered Hell to take the reins; when Satan, with his chosen band, opened the sluices of New England’s blood, and sacrilegiously polluted our land with the dead bodies of her guiltless sons! Let this sad tale of death never be told without a tear; let not the heaving bosom cease to burn with a manly indignation at the barbarous story, through the long tracts of future time; let every parent tell the shameful story to his listening children until tears of pity glisten in their eyes, and boiling passions shake their tender frames…

 “Ye dark designing knaves, ye murderers, parricides! how dare you tread upon the earth which has drunk in the blood of slaughtered innocents, shed by your wicked hands? How dare you breathe that air which wafted to the ear of heaven the groans of those who fell a sacrifice to your accursed ambition? But if the laboring earth doth not expand her jaws; if the air you breathe is not commissioned to be the minister of your death; yet, hear it and tremble! The eye of Heaven penetrates the darkest chambers of the soul, traces the leading clue through all the labyrinths which your industrious folly has devised; and you, however you may have screened yourselves from human eyes, must be arraigned, must lift your hands, red with the blood of those whose death you have procured, at the tremendous bar of God…

“But I gladly quit the gloomy theme of death, and leave you to improve the thought of that important day when our naked souls must stand before that Being from whom nothing can be hid. I would not dwell too long upon the horrid effects which have already followed from quartering regular troops in this town. Let our misfortunes teach posterity to guard against such evils for the future. Standing armies are sometimes (I would by no means say generally, much less universally) composed of persons who have rendered themselves unfit to live in civil society; who have no other motives of conduct than those which a desire of the present gratification of their passions suggests; who have no property in any country; men who have given up their own liberties, and envy those who enjoy liberty; who are equally indifferent to the glory of a George or a Louis; who, for the addition of one penny a day to their wages, would desert from the Christian cross and fight under the crescent of the Turkish Sultan. From such men as these, what has not a State to fear? With such as these, usurping Caesar passed the Rubicon; with such as these, he humbled mighty Rome,and forced the mistress of the world to own a master in a traitor. These are the men whom sceptred robbers now employ to frustrate the designs of God, and render vain the bounties which His gracious hand pours indiscriminately upon His creatures…” John Hancock 1774

 Although that which has been shared is a “snippet” of the entire speech, it is sufficient to supply the gist of what was and is intended to be conveyed. (For the full speech click here https://classroom.monticello.org/view/73271/ )

 In this computer age when almost all things are recorded and filed electronically, I consider it a blessing that modern men and women may now share their thoughts with others of like mind, and even maintain a constant communication for both update and reply. What we possess today leaves no room for excuse for neglect for the political call that sounds forth from all corners of regions of this nation. 

 In our Forefathers’ generation only 3% heeded the calling of the astral bells of Liberty to stand like men, the other 97% were cowardly “yankers” that stood peering with their noses pressed against the window as their tongues licked the panes. We in this day and age are blessed with millions of men and women who have just cause upon a personal level to rise to the challenge; and hundreds of thousands of military veterans of foreign wars as well as domestic “veterans” of gang wars.

 In 2018 a report sent to (and ignored) by Congress recognized than at approximate 12.5% of men are felons, one out of approximate 100 are incarcerated, and 1 out 50 approximately are on probation/parole. This is because the stewards (elected officials) have created an industry that feeds their own bellies at the expense of the common man and his family, while simultaneously stripping the Citizen victim of his/her inalienable Rights as an American to make them disenfranchised from the congregation of We the People. This makes an approximate 40 million who upon political unionization and mobilization can defeat and/or destroy any force or obstacle that opposes them. (If only 1 out of 100 were to light a fire in civil rebellion 400,000 fires would burn across America in one night; I will leave off at the moment the subject of the possibility of making an accord with Russia and China for political purposes.)


  We also have another group of people living here in this nation, and those are the unregistered immigrants that number an approximate estimate of 13 million as are hypothesized. These folk (with an exception of a minority) are composed of hard working families who do more for the personal economy of employers than the drug addicted bi-sexuals and dope whores that suck off the welfare tree who DO possess citizenship. Indeed, from a logical perspective, it is an obvious fact that “dead limbs” suck the life out of a living tree. Wherefore, we must find a way to integrate them into our political system (one of the few things that I agree with the democrats on.) 

 Other issues that We face are an over bloated bureaucracy of government that has become much like unto a farm that can afford to feed 80 pigs whose population has grown to over 800. Many need the “Big Chop.”

 To further exasperate the situation We the People find ourselves in, we have “secret societies” within which legions of corrupt officials congregate to overthrow the power and will of the people, and the foundation of justice upon which our Nation stood. These mendicants have infiltrated the courts, the police force, the political offices, and the media. They have taken control of the thought processes of a generation of Americans and derailed them for their purposed pursuit of globalism and personal gain, and have successfully hid from them the corruption that covers this land. (We will name judges with court cases such as President Judge Mark Hornak and Magistrate Judge Cynthia Reed Eddy of the Western District Court of Pennsylvania, and Butler County Common Pleas Judges such as Thomas Doerr, Timothy McCune, Michael Yeager, District Magistrate Stoughton, District Magistrate Fullerton, and DM Kevin O’Donnell; most of which are still in office, and explain how through existent masonic cults this is accomplished.)

 Right now, because the filthy rich who have attained political clout have lobbied therefore, the vast amount of food that is controlled by a select few are all located in specific places upon a large scale basis commonly referred to as “Farm Factories.” This means they control the food! Although they had only their own capitalist gain in mind I’m sure, this places America in a very precarious situation! In the event of war, a couple dozen foreign spec ops with  easily carried biological/chemical agents can successfully wipe out the food supply for millions in urban areas leaving the people with nothing but insects, pets, and the neighbors to eat! 

(https://tubitv.com/movies/515340/food-inc?start=true&tracking=google-feed&utm_source=google-feed )

 For those that have an ear to hear, from sea to shining sea, the cry of millions from drug addicts ensnared by the CIA’s narcotics trafficking, to unwed mothers whose “mate” is an idiot brainwashed by “what’s cool” leaving fatherless children, to young girls whose pick of future husbands will consist of effeminate homosexuals, to the persons trafficked for modern day slavery, to the Citizens whose lives have been destroyed by the “Jewden” star of the felony conviction, to those who live in fear and whose hearts jump when they hear a siren of mercenaries of the masonic mob seeking fines and replenishment for the prison/parole industry; America needs Reformation and America needs heroes like unto our Forefathers! Are You one? The cry is great; and with the young men being turned effeminate and lusting after each other’s penises and rectums, what choice of husbandry will the young ladies of tomorrow have? A penis stained with poop and “silvery oysters” seeping from behind?


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