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The Foundation of our Reasoning

The word “Civics” is by translation to its desired intent “the study of the Rights and Duties of Citizenship.”

The Rights and Duties of the Citizens of this Nation (You and I) possessed thereby are founded upon the Constitution and the rule of a democratic Republic.
A democratic republic is a nation Ruled by the People who have established an agreed upon form of government and societal standards.
Your Rights as an American are expressly written in your Bill of Rights, and various other Constitutional Amendments added such as the Fourteenth Amendment which states…

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” (Section 1)

These Rights and privileges granted to the American people to Keep unto posterity for the generations to come is a Duty transferred to us from our American Heritage.

Many have served and many have died for these Rights and Privileges.

The PCP USA provides the Platform from which both Party Campaign Promises are made by the PCP USA, and provides an established political beachhead upon which a Candidate may make a stand. And the PCP USA takes it one step further…
We not only provide a Platform upon which to regroup as a Nation, but provide the average income the ability to run for any office; and we provide the constituents of the County a choice in selection for determining which Candidate is most trusted to fulfill the Campaign Promises for that elected office.

PCP Candidates

Contained within our “2024 Candidates”, you will find the elected offices that are open, the political function of each office, and the campaign promise of what the PCP USA intends to do entering therein through that office.
Although this site bears witness to the current political field in Pennsylvania, what has been for here is now available to every County and State.

Pennsylvania 2024 Candidates

To Be Announced

The Platform Promises Of Our Candidates Are:

1. Compose and initiate into legislation expungement of all 2 and 3 degree misdemeanors after 3 years of sentence including parole, and 1 degree misdemeanors 5 years. (See New Jersey expungement laws.)
2. Compose and initiate into legislation the restoration of Second Amendment Rights after serving sentence of prison/parole for non-violent and non-sexual offenses. (See Constitutional Gun Rights in Vermont and Montana; the Constitution that belongs to them belongs to Us too.)

In many States such Legislation is already Law.

3. Compose and initiate retroactive renovations upon County Grand Juries to include and to focus on the ability to investigate Judicial corruption for impeachment proceedings.
4. Alter current law and enable, if so desired by Defendant or Plaintiff, the ability to record all trial hearings. (If people witnessed how defunct from Constitutional integrity the Butler, PA. courts are they would be displeased…)

5. Restore the Constitutional power of the County Sheriff. 6. Formulate a plan for the State to take over car insurance (that must currently be paid to private shareholders) for tax deductible purposes. 7. Create a Bill affirming and providing aid in the availability for Citizens affected by elected officials’ actions to seek immediate Redress unto a local State Representative’s office; and to thereby be able to be able to enforce oversight.

Although there are many more issues and topics, for time and space (as these things can be brought up by our Candidates upon their Link, we are going to hit fast and hard at the rest of our strategy and your potential place there.

Our Strategy and our Goal

The strategy aspect of this writ  reveals the intrinsic power of this Political Endeavor to alter and/or abolish according unto the Will of the People; the methods We will use to rapidly expand its influence on Local, State, and Federal levels; the offer of obtaining the County Site within your region, as well as a License to obtain commission from each other County Site you inspire into operation.
Our ultimate goal is the unification of our political numbers to not only prevail in any upcoming electoral process, but to enact change NOW via our corporate mass.


The strategy wrapped in a nutshell is the Unionization of Americans from all walks of Life. From the Pastor behind the pulpit preaching against despotism and debauch to a convicted felon trying to get a job with which to support his/her family, brought together into one body.

We can truly be a United Nation once more; and effect changes that each particular segment of society faces as a unified team.

One thing is certain, we unify the votes of Citizens with felonies and misdemeanors with the conservative majority and we will have Victory.
To accomplish our unionization upon a national scale as quickly as Godspeed will permit, we are Licensing PCP USA representatives to make a commission of $250.00 off of each County they make active as well as a residual monthly payment of $50.00 from each County they make active.

With 3,147 counties across America an opportunity to cash in on $250 x 3,147 = $786,750.00; and if an individual were to “activate” 200 Counties they would earn $50,000.00 cash and $10,000.00 a month every month in residual payments.

To learn about becoming a PCP USA representative and obtaining the financial incentives of possessing the licensing to an entire County Site’s revenue Click HERE.

Coming soon, in the mean time, fill out the form and someone will be in touch!